SC Switch Series – AC Split Core Current Switch

$114.48 $91.58

Auto-ranging eliminates lost jumpers
Self-powered and no insertion loss
True digital switching and no leakage
Split-core design for easier installation
Easy field adjustment with status LED’s
Input / Output isolation via current transformer
Solid-state reliability
Solid, reliable mounting method

$114.48 $91.58


Product Description

The SC series of Split-Core AC current switches are solid-state switches that activate a contact closure whenever the monitored primary circuit current exceeds a pre-set level. Several models are available to switch various load types. Models feature integral LEDs to indicate device power and also the switch status.

Most switch models include a multi-turn adjustment to set the trip threshold to the desired value and the GnG model operates as a go/no-go status indicator with a factory set minimum threshold value. The switches can monitor up to 200 Amps continuous and feature an auto-range circuit to eliminate manual jumpers.  All models are UL approved and CE compliant.

pdf-icon SC-GNG-200 Submittal

pdf-icon SC-610-200 Submittal

pdf-icon SC-GnG-200 Installation Instructions

pdf-icon SC-610-200 Installation Instructions

pdf-icon Declaration of Conformity

word-icon SC-GNG-200 Engineering Specification

word-icon SC-610-200 Engineering Specification

pdf-icon California Residents Proposition 65 Warning

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List Price: $196.80
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Split core AC/DC switch, Mosfet, power and status LED's.


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Web Price: $114.48 (USD)
Split core AC/DC switch, Mosfet GO-NO-GO.