PS Series – Regulated DC Power Supplies

$72.00$112.00 CAD

24 VAC input/DC output
Adjustable/fixed voltage output
Full or half wave rectified (Jumper selectable)
Snap track mounted
Over-current protected

$72.00$112.00 CAD


Product Description

The PS100 series power supplies are factory calibrated to output either 12 or 24 Vdc as indicated on the label, these values may be adjusted by rotating the potentiometer on the circuit board while monitoring the output with a voltmeter. All power supplies are fuse protected and the replacement fuse rating is clearly marked on all devices.

pdf-icon PS Specifications

pdf-icon PS1002 Install

pdf-icon PS124F Install

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List Price: $90.00
Web Price: $72.00 (USD)
Power supply Full wave 0.5 amp fixed


List Price: $140.00
Web Price: $112.00 (USD)
Power supply Full wave 2 amp/Half wave 1 amp (Jumper selectable),  snap track mounted