HATXDC Series – High Accuracy Duct Average Temperature Transmitter

High Accuracy RTD sensing elements
High accuracy transmitter
Choice of scaled ranges and outputs
Soft copper probe available in several lengths
Compact ABS enclosure

Product Description

The flexible copper duct average temperature sensor utilizes several high accuracy platinum RTD sensors spaced at equal distances and encapsulated in a 7.94 mm (0.3125”) OD, soft copper probe it is available in various lengths. All probes provide excellent heat transfer, fast response and resistance to moisture penetration. A transmitter that provides a high accuracy signal with excellent long term stability, low hysteresis and fast response is available with various ranges. A compact ABS enclosure with a hinged and gasketed cover is provided for ease of installation.

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pdf-icon HATXDC Submittal

pdf-icon HATXDC Installation Instructions

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