GT-AI420 – Loop-powered Analog Input with Optical Isolation to Analog Output

$330.96 $264.77

Input Output Signal Isolation
Field Selectable Input Ranges
Selection Current Outputs
Compact and Economical
Snap Track Mounted

$330.96 $264.77


Product Description

The GT-AI420 transmitter is a 2-wire loop-powered 4-20 mA signal isolator with one input/output channel. It will accept one analog, current or voltage, input signal, isolate it and sink a current output signal. The input has several fixed ranges for various

The devices derives it’s operating power from the output current loop that is provided by the receiving device and has an on-board transformer that provides complete input/output isolation.

Both the input and output are sinking type and the input signal types are easily selected with DIP switches.

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Analog isolation module 4-20mA in/out