GT-AI – Analog Input with Optical Isolation to Analog Output

$302.40 $241.92

Input/Output Signal Isolation
Field Selectable Input/Output Ranges
Direct or reverse acting
Regulated power supply output
Compact and Economical
Snap Track Mounted

$302.40 $241.92


Product Description

The GT-AI transmitter is a 3-way isolating analog signal re-scaling module with one input/output channel. It will accept an analog voltage or current input signal, isolates it and re-scales it to another voltage or current output signal. The I/O signals have several pre-calibrated, fixed ranges or may be custom calibrated for various offsets and spans and can be direct or reverse acting to provide signal inversion.

The device has an on-board transformer that provides power supply isolation and also input/output signal isolation.

The GT-AI also includes a regulated +24 Vdc power output that can be used to power a transducer or a resistance input. It features top-adjust trim-pots for offset and gain control, source or sink capabilities and an LED power indicator. Various I/O signal types are easily selected with DIP switches.

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Analog isolation rescaling module