DPD Series – Duct Dewpoint Transmitter

Highly stable RH sensor element
Curve-matched NTC thermistor
4 user selectable measurement variables
3 analog output types
BACnet® or ModBus communication
LCD display for set up
IP65 (Nema 4X) enclosure
S/S probe with porous filter
AC/DC operation

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Product Description

The DPD Series has been discontinued and has been replaced by the DWDT Series.

The DPD Series duct dewpoint sensors are designed for use in environmental monitoring and control systems where high performance and stability are demanded. It’s state-of-the-art design combines digital linearization and temperature compensation with a highly accurate and reliable thermoset polymer based capacitance humidity sensor and curve-matched NTC thermistor temperature sensor for reliability and accuracy in the most critical applications.

The DP Series has four measurement variables which include dewpoint, dry-bulb temperature, wet-bulb temperature and enthalpy which are available by either an analog, BACnet® or Modbus signal to provide the most efficient monitoring and control solution.

pdf-icon DP Brochure

pdf-icon DPD Submittal

pdf-icon DPD Analog Install

pdf-icon DPD BACnet Install

pdf-icon DPD Modbus Install