CS625 – High Output AC Current Sensor

$90.64 $72.51

Self-powered and no insertion loss
True digital switching and no leakage
Small compact size
Jumper-selectable ranges
Easy field adjustment
Input / Output isolation via current transformer
Solid-state reliability
Solid, reliable mounting method

$90.64 $72.51


Product Description

The CS-625 current switch is a solid-state switch that monitors line current for electrical loads such as pumps, conveyors, machine tools or fans and closes the output contacts when the adjustable trip point is exceeded. It is typically used to monitor motor operation and can be used to determine on/o status, proof of operation, motor failure or belt loss.

The sensor requires no external power as it is totally powered by induction from the primary AC line being monitored. The trip setpoint is adjustable in three jumper-selectable ranges from a minimum value (1 Amp) up to 175 Amps by rotating the adjustment pot counter-clockwise.

The output contacts can switch loads up to 1 Amp 240 Vac.


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Solid core AC switch, Triac